Group exhibition in London

‘Be Still, Life’
Group Exhibition
Opening: 13.07.23, 6-8pm
Dates: 14.07.23 – 06.08.23
The ‘Be Still, Life’ exhibition brings together StolenSpace artists who capture still life with a fresh perspective, expressing their interpretation through a variety of mediums including paint, collage, weaving, and drawing. Taking influence from their individual sub-cultures and experiences, these artworks are a celebration of the pleasures of life, life itself, and taking the moment to be still, in our lives today.
Artists exhibiting:
Beau Stanton, Bennett Slater, Dan Rawlings, Dan Witz, Dave Pollot, David Bray, Hams Sures, Jack Panik, James Joyce, Joram Roukes, Kathy Ager, Kristen Liu-Wong, Nick Sheehy, Noah Verrier, Paul Stephenson, Peter Frederiksen, Sarah Best, Simon Monk, Sofia Enriquez, Steeven Salvat, Thiago Nevs, Tom Gerrard, Usugrow, Xavier Casalta, Yohta Matsuoka.
StolenSpace Gallery
17 Osborn Street
London, E1 6TD
United Kingdom